For almost 90 years, Cicli Masi has designed and produced innovative steel Racing Bicycles with passion, heart, and soul. Our love of steel is born from the vision of our founder and an appreciation of his remarkable contribution to the time-honored craft of bicycle design. In the broken streets of post-war Milan, Faliero Masi’s vision and unique ability to find speed and power in the delicate angles and muscular tubes of his geometries, became the coveted formula for pretenders and champions alike. In his small atmospheric workshop, beneath the boards of the Vigorelli Velodrome, Faliero Masi became the vital ally to the greatest heroes of the post-war cycling era.

In 2015, we walk the long halls of our history with equal measures of nostalgia and ambition. We invite you to join us for a year of celebration, as we stitch the culture and DNA of our great brand together into one glorious story.

And since steel is deeply embedded in our culture, we decided to turn back the clock. Register, your details right here for an information pack relating to the release of our California, made, steel, Road and Cyclo-Cross collection.

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